Western Pomerania – land by the sea

Western Pomerania is located in northeast Germany, on the banks of the Strelasund Strait, the Bay of Greifswald, the Peenestrom Strait and the Szczecin Lagoon. It is the land by the sea, a region of busy Hanseatic cities, attracting localities and colorful landscapes.

Known as first class sailing and water sports area, the West Pomeranian waters not only attract angler and sailors. The coasts of bay and lagoon also provide perfect conditions for kite- and

Tracks passing through the valley of the Recknitz River near Marlow and through the National Park near the Szczecin Lagoon offer possibilities for resting and having a distance to the daily life. One may also relax at one of the many beaches along the coastline, such as in Lubmin, Mönkebude or

Historical Old Towns invite tourists all the year round for various events. Such event as Kunst:Offen in Western Pomerania attract people interested in art and culture to the region.

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